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Unlimited access

All the necessary information about the hotel, its services and much more in your phone, even without an internet connection.

No need for printed brochures

There is no longer a need to search for information on the hotel’s website, information stands or ask the hotel personnel. goSha’s user-friendly interface and various filters allow the user to quickly find the necessary information in the app.

Personal holiday calendar

An individual calendar will help you plan your stay at the hotel in the best possible way as well as remind you of pre-arranged and planned events in a timely manner.

Saving the environment together

We help hotels become greener. With the goSha app, printed information brochures and leaflets are a thing of the past. Thus, helping reduce deforestation. Also, from every new paid subscription goSha will pay for 10 trees to be planted.

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goSha - the point of hotel service growth
GoSha helps to improve hotel’s level of service. With our convenient app, your guests will no longer have questions about infrastructure, services and more. They can easily find all the necessary information in the app, allowing them to save time and effort. This will increase guests’ confidence and satisfaction with the hotel. More details can be found in the Hotels section.