Answers to frequently asked questions
What is goSha?

goSha is a mobile app for guest and a service for hotels.

goSha’s goal is to improve the quality of holiday in any hotel that is connected to our service.

The app allows guest to easily navigate the hotel’s infrastructure and services, put together their holiday itinerary, receive messages from the hotel informing them of planned events and discount coupons and much more. The add has been developed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Why do I not have access to all the app’s functions?

If the hotel signed up to the free “Basic” level subscription, then the app will work with some restrictions. You will have access to all the information about the hotel’s services, but you will not be able to receive messages from the hotel. The “Holiday calendar” function and filters are also unavailable with the “Basic” level subscription.

How will the app work without access to the internet?

If you select your hotel and specify the check-in and check-out dates while connected to the internet and click “Proceed” all the relevant information about the hotel and its services will automatically be downloaded to the app. The app will then function with only minor limitations without an internet connection. Once the phone is connected to the internet all the information will be updated.

How do hotels appear in the app?

We are constantly working to attract new hotels to the goSha service.

Any hotel can connect to the goSha service for free using the "Basic" subscription plan, with some limitations on functionality.

In order for guests to be able to use all the functions of the app (receiving messages from the hotel, making a holiday itinerary and using filters), hotels need to sign-up to a paid "Standard" subscription plan.